Peng Hwa Private High Hydroponic Workshop

20231020 #У԰̻ Junior middle school teachers of Humanities, Science and Home Economics collaborate to achieve greening activities on campus. The students of our junior 2nd class visited Ladang Oasis and experienced hydroponic farming firsthand, not only learned the conditions and environment needed for planting, but also learned the benefits and concepts of urban greening. This raises awareness about the importance of greening schools and the importance of environmentally friendly and healthy food to support sustainable development. Miss Sylvia Ang, Director of Ladang Oasis, who shared her expertise and patiently guided students in hydroponics, giving students confidence in their participation to plant in school. #ladangoasis #SDGs

Together Charity with

2023 August Charity Event with at Ladang Oasis, Jalan Kebun Bunga

Ladang Oasis Hydroponic Experience Centre Tour

Customizable hydroponic system according to space for commercial use.

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